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About Us

Cakes so good you want to dive in!


Born after the Great Brussels Bake Off Challenge, an opportunistic cake-eating spin-off from the Beeb’s famous show, where Helen frequently took home first place. Following repeated “you should do this for a living” feedback, Helen’s Heavenly Cakes is here.

“It's never bland in Helen’s land” (says Dylan, Helen’s long suffering husband)

The nemesis of sickly sweet fondant, Helen’s masterpieces focus not just on aesthetics but also inner beauty. Delicious cakes that put customers in control, allowing you to determine how saintly or sinful you want your celebration cake to be. Do you want to indulge in divine chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache frosting and salted caramel sauce, or feel virtuous with natural sugar carrot or courgette cake?

How can a cake be healthy?

A cake is a cake, simple. No matter what, it’s considered one of life’s luxuries, but what if we told you that not all cakes are created equal? Helen’s Heavenly Cakes can use natural, unrefined sugars in the form of honey, agave, and apple sauce, which serve to balance your sinful side. On top of this, whole-wheat flour and other pure ingredients can be used, allowing you the pleasure of a clean cake. If your diet demands any ‘free-from’ ingredients, be sure that we can omit dairy, animal products, gluten, and nuts, without sacrificing on taste.

Life’s too short to not eat cake

For you sinners, think of homemade cakes right from the Mad Hatter’s table, bespoke and made to fulfil your biggest dessert desires. Fruit cakes, sponges, mousse cakes, meringues, ice cream cakes, mince pies, cupcakes, tarts, and did we mention the chocolate cake? You dream it, Helen creates it.

“I love my tractor cake because it has chocolate ALL over it” Sebastian, aged 3.

Cake is synonymous with birthdays and, especially in Belgium, it’s customary to provide a cake to share amongst peers (especially at crèche and school). Helen can provide cakes for little people, with a strong focus on ingredients that won’t send them into (further) meltdowns.  Just be sure to order a virtuous one for your small person and an extremely naughty one for you, on having navigated the challenging parental years!

“Cake, the way it should be. As good on the outside, as it is on the inside” Claire, aged 40.

Or, if your little one is about to experience a first birthday, a cake fit for smashing is a great way to mark it.


Helen is British and lives in Tervuren with her husband and their two young children. Helen tests every recipe on friends and neighbours, who are blaming her for their ever expanding waistlines.  

We operate our business under these guiding principles:

  • Offering customers the opportunity to control and balance their lifestyle.

  • Providing fresh ingredients.

  • Honouring allergy or diet requirements.

  • Ensuring that when it’s sinful, it will be worth it.

  • Made to order, every cake is YOUR vision. Let us fulfil it.